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  • Wendy Williams Cries Talking About Ex-Husband & Son | E! News

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  • The “Wendy” host says she has a “very full life” and gets emotional during a night out with a mystery man. Plus, hear Wendy’s update on her family and ex-husband. Watch!

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    Wendy Williams Cries Talking About Ex-Husband & Son | E! News


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    Menina DoMato says:

    She's a Cancer and just abruptly out of a long term marriage. People here asking if she's on drugs. Ya''ll must be in your 20s and not enough life lived yet. Let life teach you what feeling like she's feeling feels like. What dumb comments!

    Diego Torres says:

    YESSSSS!!! 😂 goddamn

    California Pearl says:

    Live your life Wendy don’t cry 😢
    Be 💪🏻 strong

    Deborah Battel says:

    She’s high

    Harut'yun says:

    0:30 she is on them drugs.

    French Vanilla says:

    Oh no she's not ok. Seems drunk or on something .

    Marian Zadrima says:

    Why is she crying? She seems like she is drunk or pills

    Ray Lars says:

    You cant act like a bugeyed freak and Not expect Your Husband to see better options … Sorry , ladies …He deserves to be Happy too …this one-sided bullshit is a sign of Feminism out of whack …
    ….and I didnt say black feminism but You know that You think being bullheaded will bring its rewards …
    … Sometimes , Maybe but sometimes its gonna throw Romeo into another Womans Arms

    Jamie Rector says:

    ❤️this,💜Wendy! You got this Wendy! Y’all will come out of this just fine! One day, hopefully sooner rather than later! Life’s hard! But we love you still!!

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