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  • Trump Takes Soccer Away From Migrant Children

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  • The Trump administration already separated migrant children from their parents. Now they’re separating migrant children from their soccer balls. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue

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    Philip K says:

    Apparently, we're building the wall of Mordor.

    Bob el Silencioso says:

    FOOTBALL!!!! not soccer. A game in which you actually use your feet to play unlike American eggball which is played with your hands.

    kristof verbruggen says:

    Fake news. Lets create division and hate and blame others for doing it.

    King Of Kings says:

    Minimum wage should be illegal

    Encore1234567890 says:

    He is literally taking their ball and going home.

    Andrew Palfreyman says:

    Trump delenda est.

    King Of Kings says:

    Illegal migrant children? Or legal migrant children?

    Ali Bashti says:

    The Bernie Sanders Impression is even better than your Trump impression

    Kyle Blackburn says:

    He's shutting down English programs… the thing racists – sorry, "patriots" – keep saying everyone should learn before coming to America. The language those children need to know if they're to understand anything about what's going on, including what laws they're supposed to obey and why they and their parents are being punished. Forget the asinine gestures of contempt where Trump is undermining internationally agreed on standards for human rights by taking away playtime from imprisoned children, he's spitting right in the mouth of the exact damned arguments used to justify those children being in prison and that casual condemnation about "knowing what they were doing" that people try to use as an excuse not to have the conversation at all.

    zeitGGeist says:

    Walmart just raised their prices in my town higher than they were before the "Trump Tax"

    B Michael says:

    Its inhumane. I bet they are doing this so they can better frame their rhetoric that the people that have to come over here are "not the ones we want". It enrages me that they do this evil shit to children.

    John Scott says:

    Walmart should be able to afford 15hr since at any giving time they only have 1 cashier working at a time with their line all backed up.

    Alpa Arya Shah says:

    Systematic illegal mass child abuse program in USA. Will USA wipe this from collective conscious in same way as genocide of native Americans in order to found their 'free' country?

    Jane Chonev says:

    Wow booo care for the foeringn chuldren exept our own!!!

    Barnabus Wut says:

    Make the kids fight to the death. Winner gets released.
    The whole thing can be televised. I can already see the Nike sponsorships.

    Akshat Joshi says:

    America : The land of free

    Also America : Lock children up and don't even let them play.

    Mark Dillon says:

    Let’s take golf away from the biggest baby ever.

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