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Tana Mongeau Scares Jake Paul With Positive Pregnancy Test!

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Tana Mongeau Scares Jake Paul With Positive Pregnancy Test!

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Date: 2019-07-22 18:30:00

Tana Mongeau Scares Jake Paul With Positive Pregnancy Test!

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Tana Mongeau throws a major curveball into her relationship with Jake Paul! He was actually brought to tears… and no, the tears were not a prank.

Happy Monday y’all, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. back here on Clevver News, and it always gives us a little bit of pleasure when the ultimate prank-er becomes the prank-ee. Tana Mongeau pulled off the ultimate prank on her hubby-to-be Jake Paul over the weekend, and although we had our doubts at first, he’s officially met his match.

Just days shy of their Las Vegas nuptials on July 28th, Tana pulled a fast one on Jake, you know, by testing his true love for her in the cute, “you sure you wanna do this?” kinda way.

She documented the entire thing and posted the video just yesterday, where she tells Jake that there’s something she needs to tell him but that she thinks he’ll be mad at her. Peaking his curiosity, right? Check this out, and also peep the fake ‘positive’ pregnancy test Tana managed to get her hands on as well…

STEP ASIDE, MERYL STREEP — the Oscar officially goes to Tana after pulling this off flawlessly.

So then comes the “what do we do now?” conversation, when Jake begins to tear up and seemed fully prepared to tackle the topic and shockingly enough seemed like he would’ve actually been down to take on a whoooole different type of “DADDY” role.

In a strangely adorable turn of events, Jake then consoles Tana, who is acting equally as terrified and purely at-a-loss. Things start to escalate, which is when you know it’s time to pump the brakes and toss in the towel… Tana then suggested the two call Jake’s mom to break the news… but… not the fake news…

The relief on Jake’s face was literally GOLD, but he clearly wasn’t too happy about the prank… let’s just say, if Tana really DOES get pregnant with a Paul baby in the future, he’s gonna need a call from the doctor, to witness the peeing on the stick ceremony AND a probable lie detector test… you know, for backup. But right now, I gotta hear all your thoughts on Tana’s epic prank, and your theories on Jake’s retaliation video… I’m just saying, DO NOT mess with a bride on her wedding day because she may burn a building.

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