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  • Prince Harry Keeps A Special Reminder Of Wife Meghan Markle Close By During Official Meeting!

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  • Prince Harry kept a special reminder of wife Meghan Markle nearby during his official meeting with Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Tuesday. Find out how the Duchess made a picture-perfect appearance without leaving the house!

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    Prince Harry Keeps A Special Reminder Of Wife Meghan Markle Close By During Official Meeting!



    Native American says:

    WTF.. She's really in the frypan 😂😂😂

    Have a nice day says:


    Marilyn Catalano says:

    And next we'll all hear, Megan and Harry got out of bed this morning. Megan and Harry sat down at a breakfast table. Megan and Harry walk to another room. Megan and Harry take a dump. Enough about these two!!

    Marilyn R Kennedy says:

    Not quite picture perfect (yes I get it was a play on words because of her picture) but she needs to get her hair under control. For her position she should at least get the part straight

    Natasha Frasier says:

    Harry knows he has a devoted, loving wife and who recently gave birth to his son. He's forever grateful to Meghan and will treat her like the Queen she is. He saw how his father treated his mom and how William views Kate and so he knows what not to do in a marriage and treats Meghan as his equal. Men take notes!

    Carol Houston says:

    God is on this beautiful side. Got strong bond between two of them. Far Kate anf williams got married after two years in their married wasn"t during anything sit around home. And they wasn't anyone talk about. Until harry met meghan She already popular from suits
    Harry and meghan becamr most populat couple sll over worlds people love the two couple She is one of the 25. Influence womam, harry and megjan like the man said they will alway out shines williams and kate. Harry and meghan don't need worry all this crap said about them.and those who eith negatives stuff keep. The trashy to yourself leave her alone and let harry and meghan llive their life.all channel is nothing but a asshole.

    Maria Biro says:


    D Barry says:

    He has those needy stupid English roses for 31years and they didn't do nothing for him so don't act like he was two when he met the love of his life.

    D Barry says:

    so all of you miserable low life loosers go F your self with hate and leave her alone because Harry knows what he got a smart beautiful woman he married up

    D Barry says:

    the only thing kate has going for them is white privileged. This stupid royals did not make Meghan she had her own degree. High paying job., self made millionaire well connected with the UN well traveled more than harry and she was wearing way better design clothing than she has now.

    D Barry says:

    for those of you who talk about balcony place harry and meghan doesn't need bunch of kids to be relevant as for will and lazy kate the only time but people notice them is when they are out with Brady bunch

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