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  • Matt Bomer Has His 2020 Candidate Picked Out

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  • ‘Papi Chulo’ star Matt Bomer is co-hosting a benefit for the 2020 Democratic candidate he’s most impressed with: Mayor Pete Buttigieg. #LSSC #Colbert #MattBomer

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    New Message says:

    He's just one forehead curl from playing Superman with that mug!

    New Message says:

    Doom Patrol is one of the best 'hidden gem' shows you'll find nowadays. If you haven't yet, give it a watch!

    Sam says:

    Pete is really talented at saying nothing and making it sound substantive. He has been avoiding specifics in his policy and that is not a good thing for a Presidential candidate. And his record on South Bend is mixed with some seriois questions about his judgment and acceptance of personal responsibility.

    Lina Nehme says:

    And Doom Patrol

    Michelle Woods says:

    Does anyone else notice this…
    Y is Matt's lips so dark???
    It's like he ate a bunch of Black licorice B4 he came out.

    Maria Casella says:

    My late dad LOVED him in White Collar and always said: "This guy would make a great James Bond".
    Then one day I randomly mentioned he was gay thinking he knew it and he goes: "But… but… but he always knows his way around women!"
    "Dad, you know he is ACTING, right?"

    einat1622 says:

    He looks terrible !
    Hes 'put together' like a ventriloquist doll…

    Chrissie K says:

    Friends with Bill? Pff, Stephen's besties with Michelle 😃 and pretty solid with Barry! And i don't know what kind of relationship that is when you publicly, on a historical record barbecue someone, but thats it is with GWB 😏

    Victorious Secret says:

    Glad they brought up Doom Patrol. Was worried they would overlook it.

    Rajashree Ghosh says:

    Neal ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Pedro Aguilar says:

    FYI: papi chulo is the cultural equivalent to big daddy.

    Céleste says:

    God really cut this guy from a different cloth
    A hot zaddy cloth

    Rachel Harrison says:

    I also mooned the crew on a recent shoot, but they kept it in.

    Adam Alkhafaji says:

    Matt looks like a Greek sculpture came to life

    wendy kemp says:

    I, too, support Mayor Pete…..

    Storm says:

    He’ll always be Neil Caffrey to me

    ciaranbrk says:

    An attempt to push Buttigieg who hasn’t a hope.

    Vojta Vajaý says:

    While I agree that Mayor Pete is in many ways very impressive (and certainly more qualified than Trump) I'm pretty sure there are more progressive candidates (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren) who would do a better job for the American people. So Matt is either not of a very progressive disposition or he supports Pete because he's gay. I hope it's the former rather than the latter, Matt is free to have his own opinions but voting for someone simply because of their gender, race or sexual orientation seems foolish to me.

    Suraj Mahato says:


    frazzledazzle says:

    learning that bill clinton watches white collar was hilarious 😂

    Bryce Cheng says:

    I just want to vote for whoever gives me the most free things.

    Jayee says:

    Damn, he is one attractive dude and this is coming from a hetero dude.

    Annora says:

    When you have to share a costume with a 25yo vegan stunt man and you end up having a pantsplosion and mooning the whole crew. Matt Bomer is delightful.

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