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  • Madonna Trashes "New York Times" Profile | E! News

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  • The music icon shares her thoughts on the “Times” article titled “Madonna at Sixty.” Get the details on why exactly she felt “raped” by the profile on “Live From E!”

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    Madonna Trashes “New York Times” Profile | E! News


    Sarah Cohen says:

    A reporter having to write about stars seems like it might have an aspect of fun other types of stories don't have, because she deals with incredibly rich people and their fancy things, as well as more drudgery that other stories don't have. This reporter's job is to show us Madonna and make sure what she shows is interesting to her paper's audience. She has to describe Madonna's appearance, the appearance of her homes. Most reporters don't have to deal with trivialities. They will never think about drapes or anybody's eye color. Not event things. But this reporter's task is to consider the drapes and how she describes them. This reporter has to take notes about Madonna's drapes because she won't remember a thing about drapes. She doesn't have to flatter Madonna's drapes and neither does she have to flatter Madonna. You'd think that a star would say, well, I need reporters like this to advertise that my new album's coming out, and leave the task of reporting to reporters. They'll do what they do. I don't have to read the story. I know the color of my drapes. But apparently, feelings get involved over things like how often the story mentions the star's age, which is one of the crappier aspects to being an entertainment reporter, I'd imagine. So the reporter's got to wake up in the morning and read that Madonna said her story raped her. Sounds pretty awful. I wonder what this reporter gets paid. If it's the average reporter's salary, it's $50K, to wake up in the morning, get a latte, and read that she's raped Madonna in the Washington Post. Onto the next star's mansion.

    Marz says:

    If the journalist over mentioned "age" -it can be annoying, not relevant.Recall at 42 she fell off her horse * many called her too old then. (it isnt in this day/age) Like in the south when someone says "maaaaam" 3 times in ea. sentence! Stupid.

    Kaleb Chavez says:

    Hey E!.. Can u possibly get better people to speak about Madonna.. you realize these 3 lazy faced NOTHINGS… aren't even worth saying her name.. could they be MADONNA… ??

    Uncle Elmer says:

    Madonna has ruled the airwaves for decades and made countless dollars and now blasts the legendary New York Times for not writing exactly what she wants to have been written. People are losing their jobs. Pension funds are collapsing, tragedies abound but what a reporter writes about an aging fading pop star in her latter years is of little consequence other than to be totally ungrateful to the press who have absolutely courted and fawned over Madonna for decades. Madonna is getting older and just isn't as interesting as a personality anymore. It happens. It's called life. Every career has it's high points and every artist eventually is less popular. So what? Move on. Be appreciative for all the great press and success.

    Scott Legler says:

    Who decides when someone can use the word "raped". Madonna will come out on top! This new album Madame X is groundbreaking! More than just music!

    Joe Pritchard says:

    Y'all are so wrong age has nothing to do with it it's about creativity and music and art and a career have a musical genius our age has nothing to do with it she's always been a genius at what she does and she always will be recognized

    William Griffith says:

    I'm so sick of these writters . They should focus more on Madonna and not her age period . Her art is brilliantly awesomely fantastic. Who cares about her age ? I sure the hell don't. Madonna will never peak . She just keeps going . No matter her age she's a icon . Age doesn't matter over art .

    strongwall 1 says:

    Come on, a mans age gets mentioned often in music. If you don't see that it's cause you are not a man or you are too narrow focused to see it…….or just don't want to see it cause it doesn't help your narrative.

    Namikaze Minato says:

    You guys mistaken. What madonna meant is about another thing. You guys missed the gravity of this problem

    REBEL.Ins' says:

    Isn't that making light of all the women that have actually been sexually assaulted and raped…?

    Daniel Trillo says:

    Wow, a senior citizen; act your age and don't blow up the White House.

    qigung says:

    Hold on…just tuning my world's smallest violin.

    toby manners says:

    poor sad washed up victim mentality Madonna, maybe she she shouldn't offer hand jobs for votes anymore lol

    James Modlin says:

    Yes shes allowed to use that analogy.
    Hey people, stop letting children dictate how speak or define your inner thinking.
    They are not qualified.

    Gustav Vigolo says:

    All the stupid people in the comments. Is she relevant? She is a legend – and u here so yeah she is relevant to you

    Everything Zombie, By Teresa Young says:

    Madonna 😬 she is so yesterday and scanky

    Coffee Break says:

    Madonna , what is that?

    RUNNING MAN says:

    Raped! Terms that don't belong in the narrative. It is common now for liberals to use terms to get attention but they always lose arguments with outrageous language that don't belong.

    Hermes Trismegistus says:

    Garbage old biddy. Could you be any less relevant in most peoples lives today?

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