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  • Kim Kardashian Shares First Close-Up Photo of Psalm West | E! News

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  • The “KUWTK” star posts a sweet pic of her newborn and fans are speculating she revealed the baby boy’s middle name. See the adorable shot!

    Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1024134/the-unique-ways-kim-kardashian-has-shared-the-first-photos-of-her-children

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    Kim Kardashian Shares First Close-Up Photo of Psalm West | E! News


    Mr. Pink says:

    We all saw close up where he came from in the Ray Jay video.

    Jon Bergman says:

    So sad those children have to grow up in a satanic home

    Cpt.Flippy Birds says:

    Such foolish vanity and her fans are foolish and vain as well….
    All stars eventually die and are forgotten….

    Kaos One says:

    Let's put them on Maury so we can find the true fathers.

    Mr. Versace says:

    Another jungle fever zebra

    AmericanRace4me says:

    Hard to believe this slutbag is still in the spotlight. 🤦‍♂️

    and d says:

    Did Psalm take his own selfie?

    General Forrest says:

    Race traitors.

    Patrice Washington says:

    Why is that child wearing red lipstick 👄

    J Clm says:

    that creature should NOT procreate

    Unstoppable Goddess says:

    omg that baby is gorgeous 😍😭😍

    N H L S T says:

    Didn’t even know she was pregnant again tbh

    rich s says:

    The only family worse than them are the trumps

    ifyouknew thenyouknew says:

    Eewwwww nasty people

    Sherry Murray says:

    Kim is looking alot like Elvira. Gross

    Valkyrie27 says:


    God Father says:

    Who cares. And please keep your kids away from the media.

    Darryl Williams says:

    Righteously Beautiful Family. 😉😉😉

    KiTT FOXXE says:

    Keep them away from Joe Biden


    Psalm 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 w.t.f🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Shite name tbh

    Lisa Bullock says:

    He's darling xoxo

    Jill Graziani says:

    All hoes include bruce

    DewDee says:

    God damned America with the Kest/Wardashian family.

    Joey Bologna says:

    Those kids are gonna be fucked up nightmares of human beings when they reach their adult years

    Barbara Felipe says:

    Kind kids r so cute…. n Psalm looks like Chicago .. Awesome kids… n kid is a good mom n Kanye a good father..

    C Waters says:


    Huy Tran says:

    Psalm is so cute!

    Mont-Dawg says:

    Almost enough kids for a hockey team!

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