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  • Kim Kardashian Consults The Medical Medium For Help With Her Out-of-Control Psoriasis | KUWTK | E!

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  • Mrs. West calls in a medical medium to help with her on-going skin condition battle. Hear the results on “KUWTK.”

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    Kim Kardashian Consults The Medical Medium For Help With Her Out-of-Control Psoriasis | KUWTK | E!


    Mac'n Cheez says:

    Pag mayaman: Medical Medium
    Pag mahirap: Albularyo

    FATIMA BeN says:

    I will stop studying medicine 🤦‍♀️

    Veronica Hernandez says:

    Theres nothing in there lmao

    Valued Wolf Cactus says:

    Honestly its the California air and water i got the same thing from living in LA

    MuvaaGaaby Vlogs says:

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    Lotrimin… yada yada yada dry spray yada yada yada

    D Walker says:

    Plastic bags the Selsum then socks over night yada yada yada…

    Nabeel 7habibi says:

    Wrong on so many levels. Still love you KIM

    Tuqeer Alam says:

    kim should play ouija

    D Walker says:

    If it's fungus Selsum blue like lotion over night…

    D Walker says:

    AND Make sure it's no funguS Athlete !!!!gETiToGeThEr!!!!

    D Walker says:

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    Michelle Meyer says:

    I'm trying too!!!!! For my autoimmune liver issues!

    D Walker says:

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    Thank you

    Jennifer Madrid says:

    Where’s the fallow up video? With the results?

    marc for christ says:

    I dont understand what kind of a sunday service goes with medium? Definitely does not glorify Christ in anyway. Terrible

    mahlogonolo mphahlele says:

    Omg wow. Celery wins again

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