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  • Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to a Fight | E! News

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  • The “No Brainer” singer wants to go toe-to-toe with the “Mission: Impossible” actor and it totally has the Internet very confused. Check it out!

    Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1048129/justin-bieber-is-challenging-tom-cruise-to-a-ufc-fight-and-the-internet-is-very-confused

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    Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to a Fight | E! News


    Tenzing Norbu says:

    R.i.P Justin It Was Nice Knowing You. 🖕

    Miss Siti says:

    Wait.. Tom dont wanna hit a women LOL.

    ReLaTabLe says:

    So Justin Beiber has a new album coming out… got it

    Deal With It says:

    Justin bieber watching mission impossible movies on cocaine. Personally i think he couldn't beat the average girl in a fight. He is maybe a little bit above average for a girl his weight.

    Nidhish Chauhan says:

    It's a child abuse

    Cortland Berry says:

    justin bieber: lets fight like men
    tom cruise: where is the other man

    sebastien obriot says:

    Petit con ce bieber

    Mobidic says:

    stupid pop stars……..ya dumb b**

    Hugh Tahoob says:

    Jesus……. McGregor is now more of a joke than Beiber lol

    spunbearing65 says:

    2 weiners in an octagon. Joy.

    dustyblue says:

    mature wisdom over infantile matter~ not for noth'in

    Rosti Nogray says:

    More drugs Justin

    J R says:

    Cruise would snap him in half with a sneeze

    Jhonny K. says:

    What goes on in his stupid shithead? He challenges a 56 year old man to a fight AND says he is afraid if he doesn´t accept it, that´s conflicting…Moreover, what´s ur fu**ing problem Justin?!
    Why don´t u just ask Terence Hill, he is 80, you surely would win bro <3

    Michael Adriel D. says:

    Great, now I'll never have to see this Bieber boy alive anymore

    Bran Lee says:

    omg that kid is ridiculous, calling out an old man.. Justin, you slipping!

    Mary Oshea says:

    cruise should take fight becasue his ego beyond massive the were he carrying with 6ft red head from OZ you think he owned the world .when he used his clout to score her job in days of thunder when there was no part he got written for her how special she must for no body actress from OZ .nothing in common yet it unbelievable 10 years is beyond me .
    which i don,t understand
    TOM CRUISE SHOULD TAKE THAT FIGHT LOVE TO SEE IT .take cruise ego down few notch it won,t do any harm . TO GET REALITY HE BADLY NEEDS ONE

    Kodu212 says:

    Tom is 56 years old!!

    Venom says:

    He have balls to challenge tom cruise but don't have balls to challenge Tom Hardy or John Bernthal lol

    We feels like you says:

    Bieber is just a little kid 🤣🤣 sometimes he did major mistakes😁😁

    John Lawrence Emata says:

    He should challenge Chris Brown, he knows how to hit a woman.

    Random Guy says:

    Why don't he challenge Keanu Reeves in a pencil fight.

    Show Me the PLAYLIST with Andrew Palma says:

    Age and anger makes you lethal.

    Pierre00 says:

    Why would Tom Cruise want to get involved? Bieber is acting like the school-yard-tough-guy cliché – ignorant comes to mind.

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