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  • Chris Pratt Gets Dad-Shamed for Wedding Post | Nightly Pop | E! News

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  • The “Jurassic World” actor recently tied the knot with Katherine Schwarzenegger, but fans seem to be disturbed for a specific reason. “Nightly Pop” has the details!

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    Chris Pratt Gets Dad-Shamed for Wedding Post | Nightly Pop | E! News


    Ava Langrin says:

    Here we go!!! The secular media making fun of a couple because they are Christian. I say it again and again. People think it is the Christian community that is bullying non-believers, but actually it is secular society that has issues with people of faith. I remember when Chris Pratt posted that he would pray for Kevin Smith after he had a heart attack. People jumped all over Chris Pratt like he was saying he wished Kevin Smith a quick death. Now people are jumping all over him for sharing his joy and being in the moment. Chris Pratt you better not apologize or try to explain yourself to those naysayers out their who just want to steal your joy. Of course he cherishes the birth of his son. Why would he have to clarify that and his happiness he feels on his wedding day? Get a grip people!!! 🧐🧐🧐

    Emmanuel Faye says:

    This one thing thing with these people online they feel that since you are a celebrity they have the right to make decisions for you leave him alone if married the right one good for him if he made a mistake well his mistake don't know why people are so invested in people the don't Know lives because they are on tv.

    J J says:

    What's the problem with him saying that??? Kids aren't all life consuming!!! GIVE IT A REST PEOPLE!!!

    KevinShultz says:

    That middle guy is as dumb as a door nail..

    Daniella Kitty cat says:

    Let’s see how long this marriage is last .Did they even get to know each other properly.i will give it a few years

    Teddy Ruxbin says:

    You know, I thought the same same thing when I saw his post. It was kind of messed up, but whateves. His kid, he’s paying for future therapy bills.

    devilmecare says:

    Hopefully she won't feed him like Anna did.

    kirch says:

    People need to get lives and mind their business and stop talking about their lives as if they know them. It crosses a line.

    Erikka Juvonen says:

    It's like you gave birth to pancakes but tham go hangout with waffles….. LOVE YOUR PANCAKES kids hahahah that was a great belly Laugh I think I just tightened up my belly good workout

    jeffescantube says:

    these guys actually get paid to do this crap/????

    Muhammad Zaid says:

    David Blaine, is that you?

    Melissa Sanchez says:

    lol yeah i found his caption weird too

    My Self says:

    Why does the former TMZ lady shout? Bordering on the hysterics. Why is the lady on the right trying to be "sassy"? .Tone it down people, be yourselves & you'll have a better show

    The F says:

    Your show is the funniest show on E 😂 ,The three of you make an excellent show. Thank you for the entertainment

    I Salgado says:

    People need to calm down lol I believe the negativity comes from people not being happy with Chris getting married

    Joanna M says:

    The church thing took me out😂😂😂

    Crystal Wynn says:

    Well, his son is old enough to read posts by his father and it may hurt his feelings. It’s not mindful of Chris Pratt.

    G. L. says:

    I used to really like him but he became really self righteous

    Tinydetectivemilkshake says:

    Wow people are so quick to judge others . It's his life and he just got wed. Ofcourse he loves his son and gushes about him all the time. If u can't say anything good , try not saying anything at all.

    Crystal Roberts says:

    And they talked about the Beyhive

    Maina woo bin says:

    Wow he moved really fast. Poor Anna she was with him when he was a fat loser and now when he got famous he dumped her and his son for a 10 years younger bride. Pathetic

    Tabbie cat says:

    OMG seriously he was talking about the journey he and his new wife have embarked on! Stop reading more into what someone post's.

    Maurice Harriott says:

    Hello he is free to say … its the best day of their life

    Misyam Digail says:

    ew bye Chris Pratt

    CALife says:

    Notice how the tweets only have 1 or 2 likes but the media picks it up and makes it a bigger story.

    Heather A says:

    Hate – Hate Double Hate!!! I don't like it! I want him w/ his family 👪!

    EloiseInParis says:

    The ink isn't even dry on his divorce papers. I wonder if he had a prenup because this happened very fast, they could spend the rest of their lives together, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's over once soon too. You can tell he's all caught up with her and both sides of her prestigious family, hopefully, his son doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

    PureSparkles22 says:

    we have multiple soulmates and karmic relationships

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