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  • Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Break Up After 4 Years | Daily Pop | E! News

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  • The “A Star Is Born” actor/director and the model have reportedly split amicably after four years and one child together. Get all the details!

    Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/993727/bradley-cooper-and-irina-shayk-split-after-4-years-report?query=Bradley

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    Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Break Up After 4 Years | Daily Pop | E! News


    R R says:

    I honestly can't believe it lasted that long

    Almudena Carnero says:

    Pli permi saludos grc oye me bien no me creo ni. Otras cosas. Esto. Lo pío pía púa esto digi yo antes se pone algo. Bien bien bien medias de seguridad en el pi. En el pi. En el pi. Es la. Primavera veras revolución. Uy eso es así ni a lo pare. Te cuando. EA. Tono te. La veo la veo la veo lo veo lo veo a colores. También tu di lo kieras e. Ya te lo anuncio pasa. Pío paso es humor España bueno ok. Grc grc grc ay se enamora te de ello bien se casa luego gueño. Se casa se pedí anil fiesta bautizo. Así casa bien. A si no. Cada bien vuelven hacer famil. Cuidan ayudan toma estell grc grc grc me gusta ok saludos. Colores vida sustendo. Mundo sana continuara grc grc grc. Variado todo grc mundo. grc.

    Lynda Salazar says:

    Insert giph of Gaga creeping around the corner! Irina is one of the top beauties of the world!

    Billy Manning says:

    While he's most likely going Gaga over another woman, she'll probably never love again. She's heart broken and up a Shallow creek without a paddle while his life is Limitless. Is this really fair? No…but it is definitely Hollywood.

    PureSparkles22 says:

    Not shocked. I never saw sparks between them. but wish them both happiness

    Boxing Supraves says:

    I don't care

    Thando Mbatha says:

    It's finally over. I saw it coming. What a shame

    Edward Terry says:

    You knew this was coming ever since the Oscars.😉 👍

    Allzoommood Justgivemelilsmile says:

    Lol, Lady Gaga indeed reached that 1 person out of 1000.

    American Paisa says:

    So… A Star is Born?

    Kaneza Annie says:

    Gaga impact

    leicanoct says:

    Split the kid in half.

    Rogelio Maza says:

    4 years ??? How about 1 week. YOURS TRULY

    Learning Curve says:

    I still can't believe jon snow killed Daenerys after all she did for him.

    Anyways now cooper and gaga can finally be the gay couple that they always wanted to be.

    Truth Hurts says:

    Celebrity are mostly immoral

    Q & A says:

    You mean Irina’s been two timings me all this time. I’m gutted this is how I find out. 😢

    jan smith says:

    Just look up what his ex wife says about him. The guy is not a good guy. Glad Irina broke up with him, she deserves better. Wishing her all the best.

    Michael Steven says:

    Boo hoo. Another privileged couple bite the dust.

    Esmeralda Hernandez says:

    Who's gonna take care of her kid?

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